🎉What is Kuwala?

Kuwala is a collaborative data workspace for BI analysts and engineers enabling you to build powerful analytics workflows.

Consolidating the Modern Data Stack

Kuwala is leveraging the prominent existing tools of the modern data stack that you know and love and brings them together in one intuitive interface.

Running on top of your data warehouse

The Kuwala Canvas is connecting to your data warehouse and lets you build data pipelines with all the data you have in them.

Currently, we are supporting the following data warehouses:

Airbyte for data sources

To get all your data into your data warehouse, we will build on top of Airbyte with its wide variety of connectors to SaaS tools.

dbt for transformations

We are using dbt to build transformation blocks. Due to the nature of dbt Kuwala is running entirely on top of your data warehouse and saves all the data models you create directly there.

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